Brand new Hermes Birkin 35 Fauve Barenia Faubourg PHW SOLD

Hermes birkin 35 Fauve barenia Faubourg
Hermes Birkin 35 Fauve Barenia Faubourg PHW

2017 new Release –

Hermes Faubourg Barenia For the collector!

This is the Barenia of 2017 , Limited Edition called the Faubourg Barenia is one of the MOST collected leathers that Hermes makes. Its very rare. It still carries the delicious smell of the original Barenia, and Hermes assure us that it will develop the same patina as before. The main difference is that the leather has more of a grain to it and looks similar to Togo and Taurillon Clemence – the scratch resistant properties of Barenia are said to have been retained too so as far as we can see there’s no reason not to love Hermes’s new Barenia Faubourg!

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