Brand new Hermes Kelly 28 HSS Malachite / Blue Nuit epsom Brushed Gold Hardware

Hermes Kelly 28 HSS Malachite and blue nuit.JPG
Hermes Kelly 28 HSS malachite and Blue nuit

This Special Order Horseshoe Hermès Kelly bag is very unique and one-of-a-kind. This bag is a combination of Malachite and Blue nuit Epsom leather. Its is also contrast stitched. Here Malachite thread is used on the stitches on the blue nuit leather and vice versa. This is a special order 2-tone Horseshoe kelly in size 28, this bag is extremely  rare. It’s sought-after all over the world and is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Accentuated with Brushed gold hardware (this hardware is only found on Special order Hermes bags). Don’t miss out on this truly rare Special Order Hermès bag

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